Men and Samaritans

I hosted my discipleship group tonight. Men. Eight of us. We spoke of the power of the gospel. That it is even for "them." Those we do not connect with, or see eye to eye with. The gospel is for them. And it is for us too. Men. We need it. So we can be lovers of Jesus. So we can mature. So we can be Godly workers and love our wives.

Martin said it well tonight, "I do not know why hard things happen" He is right; speculation on "why" may not be healthy. But the eight of us men know Who. We know the One who created, and presses the Holy Spirit on man and woman. The One who endorses persecution for the sake of spreading the gospel. The One who empowers us to share like Phillip, believe like Paul and ask questions like the Ethiopian eunuch.

Most of all we know the One who comes right to our Samaritan village and loves us half breeds. He re-shapes our paradigm so that we see that not only is the gospel for Samaritans; but we are them. A group of people interbred with the world who are not worthy. A group of people who have set up their own gods and shrines. But a group of people created in the image of God who are remembered; just because he chooses to walk to our dusty village and give himself away for us. That is good news for samaritans.