No one wants to be called that. No one wants to be known as a liar. To have that as their reputation. It can even make the hair stand up on your neck if you get accused of it because it costs so much in the area of trust. How can you trust someone who is a liar?

Bob will be teaching on the commandment tonight and tomorrow. As with the other comands, it applies to us. You can not trust a liar. We are. Here is the good news: Jesus never says, "Put your trust in you." He says, "Trust me." He is the way the truth and the life. He is not a man that he should lie. He is faithful and true. He is the one we can trust. The more we trust Him the less perhaps we will have need of lying to meet our needs. Then others may look to us and see Him.

Bonus: Tonight we will sing "Great is Thy Faitfulness" That is an old and great hymn of the faith. "There is no shadow of turning with Him" Lets come to worship well the One who is trustworthy.