Most of you will look forward to using candles on Christmas Eve. As we begin to sing "Silent Night" we will light one, then two, then three,,,and eventually we will light the sanctuary up with candles. It really is a "feel good" moment. There is a sense of peace and unity and joy as we all sing together. (even those like me who have no voice)

Today we are trying to figure out the logistics of candles. How many do we need, where will they be placed, how will we get the little "drip pans" on the candles etc. Stuff called work. As we discussed this morning who would do what, I really had the sense that we in worship are called to give and serve and minister "off stage" as well as on. That is a very good thing for us. We, especially we, need to be around when the cameras are off, the lights are turned down and the sweeping needs to be done.

So, I am thinking a bit about what it means to serve this morning. Putting "drip pans" on candles, sweeping the stage, picking up bulletins and cheerily greeting those who come to worship are key elements in the worship of the one we love. I pray we will worship Him well through this season.

For you, your "off stage" is different I am sure. Good to think about it. Blessings!