That word does not even describe it. Gruesome? Grotesque? I am talking about unbiblical divorce, adultery, and all the stuff that accompanies it. When a spouse violates the marriage covenant. God hates it. I hate it too. And it so grieves me that women are victimised and abused by men.

I was speaking with a woman (counseling her with my wife) and I said, "If I had a magic wand, I would wave it and remove this" Of course I do not. They do not exist. So it is. The pain is. The shock is. The horror of it all is. The only relief we have is that Jesus Is. He is tender hearted to the widow and orphan and He will mete out justice to those who do evil.

So we weep and we wait and we comfort and we worship Him in the midst of suffering. And we find the horror of it all repulsive, and putrid and rancid and disgusting. We hope in Him who will make all things right and we love those who have been hurt. We love because He first loved us and gave His life for us. Because of Him, we even pray for the offender.