Wednesdays in the World - Episode 1

Wednesdays in the World is a new column for the worship well blog. Each Wednesday I'm going to chime in here and take something going on in the world - media, culture, etc, and I'm going to find some worship in it. "Worship in the World," you say? Well, yes. Right in the middle of the world. Not the Christian world, but that one out there, over that wall, outside that building with a cross on it. Like outside the woods in The Village.

For Example:
I saw
the new movie Stranger than Fiction. It's the story of Harold Crick, and how he starts hearing the voice of a narrator in his head. Turns out he's in someone's book. Without giving away the film's secrets, there is present in it a tension between our desires, and the need to fit in a larger plan. Harold comments, "Do you even feel like you're a part of a bigger narrative?"

I'm really taken by this idea. I want to be in a bigger story. I want that to be a great story - like Dicken's-level epic. Somehow my petty thoughts and desires seem to pale when put in context of the larger tale. I'm really concerned right now with my little tiny decisions and my little tiny problems, and I'm not really looking at those in light of the big picture - that God is sovereign. Some times the purity of God's divine plan demands that I don't always get what I want for me. Harold began to realize that maybe he isn't as important as the book he's in. And maybe his sacrifices are worth it in light of the masterpiece of literature developing around him. So I'm thinking about that this week. I just wish The Narrator would talk a little louder.