What did Steve Brown say?

I just had a radio interview with Steve Brown. I love that guy. He will be at Perimeter this weekend. I think this week, you will be able to hear the interview on Steve Brown Etc. BTW, you should listen to Steve all the time.

Now, knowing Steve and me, and how the conversation went, I am sure they will have to edit some of what we said before it airs, so keep checking this week.

We chatted about Minority Rules. Steve gave out this address to listeners, so if you are looking for the book click here: Minority Rules

You can also check out other great books like Randy Pope's The Answer and music by my good friend Laura Story at the Perimeter bookstore.

NOTE: The bookstore has had some server computer problems so, if the link does not work, you can call 678-405-2205 and Luann or one of her very capable staff will help you.

To recap our discussion. Christianity may be in decline in numbers but it can be on the increase in quality. Christians are a minority and the sooner we rest in that title, the sooner we can learn how to deal with it, because that is the way it has always been.

We are a minority and that is good. It enables us to step aside from power brokering and move towards living by four minority rules: Knowing we are free, celebrating Jesus, living in community and you have to buy the book to learn the fourth one.

Blessings and I would love feedback!