I have not said anything about Lost since I don't know when. I just read a book by Chris Seay entitled "The gospel according to Lost" Very interesting. Chris does a nice job of recapping story line, analyzing characters and fishing out biblical themes. All very well done. Chris does not guess at what will happen. He causes the reader to think about what has happened. I recommend it as a quick read in preparation for the last season of Lost.

It fascinates me that so many people are captivated by Lost. Something has connected here for those who believe in God and for those who do not. I think the essence of it is that, as we watch Lost, we see that the Losties are involved in a mystery, the end of which they can not predict. That thought touches the heart of who we are. We know that we are involved in a mystery, the end of which we can not predict.

We hope for a good outcome and we want to make sure one happens but sometimes we fear it will not. Tension.

We can read the Bible all we want, go to conferences, pray and think, but the truth is we are in a mystery and no one knows how it will end. All we can say is that things have happened. We got here somehow. Someone was here before us. There is a greater power. He is in control and we are not. He can do supernatural things. We can not. And time moves forward. Except when we live in the past.

Those of us who are of faith, live with the mystery too, even though we don't like to admit it. We like to pretend we know more than we do.

We do have one thing though that others outside the faith do not: hope. A deep and abiding hope that Jesus was exactly who He said He was. Not just because of the Bible, but because internally we are convicted. It goes beyond words. We know we will get off the island and we know it will be good. We just don't know when.

In the mean time we are called to hang out with a motley crew of characters. Murderers, thieves and liars. As we do, we come to find out that they are us and we are called to look at ourselves. Past, present and future. That drives us to repentance and Him.

What will the next season bring? No spoilers here. I know as much as you, or maybe less. All I can say is that we are in the end season and all will be consummated in due time.