Lost vs 24

I have to do it. It is time to make a public stand. Lost is better than 24. I know my friend KT might disown me for saying that, but the truth has to be told. Here are the facts.

1. Jack kicks some tail. Smoke monster KICKS ALL TAIL!
2. People on 24 die. People on Lost die and then come back to life.
3. Jack can never die. ANYONE on Lost can die.
4. Jack rules the city. No one rules the island.
5. Jack needs computers. Lost? Technology is shut down.
6. All that in 24 hours? C'mon. You need time? Lost will give it to you!
7. Lost has literary and science allusions galore, including biblical ones.
8. Lost has the future.
9. Lost is multi ethnic.
10. Lost has an end.

So, there you have it and that is just a taste. There is something above and beyond on Lost that Bauerites can't get to. Nothing wrong with you watching both. Just know which is better.

OK. I am ready for comments.