New Book

I am going to take a few posts this week and talk about my first book. It is now published and will be in the Perimeter bookstore on the 13th of December. I want to ask you to buy a copy to read for several reasons:

1. I think it opens up an important conversation for those who call themselves Christians. My thesis is that Christians are a minority, but we live and act like the majority to the demise of our movement.

2. It is a quick read, but not a simple read. By that I mean it is 120 pages but it will, I think cause you to read slow and think about (a) whether you agree and (b) about the paradigm shift I am exploring.

3. It is inexpensive. Especially if you order it now.

So, here is the link MINORITY RULES to the bookstore. You can pre-order online now for very cheap.