Got Credit?

Most of us have it: the ability to borrow money. It can take the form of a home equity loan, a car loan, a credit card or a loan from a friend or relative. We can get what we need now and pay for it later. We have credit. So this holiday season, all who have credit can use it and pay for things in January. In fact, if we can’t pay for it in January, we can pay for it in February or March. Installment plans work.

So why
not do that? After all it is just a little interest. Well, we would say that you should not buy presents for people using a credit card, if you can not pay the bill at the end of the month. The debtor is a slave to the lender. More importantly, using credit like that says something about our souls. It is a spiritual thing. It says that we are not patient. It says that we feel the need for approval or acceptance. It says that we want to buy love. It does not say that we have a healthy perspective on money.

Jesus said it well. You cannot serve God and money. So, bluntly put, we want to implore you to serve God this season. We know it will be hard. We know the temptation is great. We know that everyone else will have more and do more. We know. We also know that the way of the Lord is, “paid in full.”

Some of you may have credit card debt. We encourage you to develop a plan to get out of it. We have some good ministries
that can help. We believe you will be happier and holier if you take a pass on debt this Christmas.

Last point: help others. There are people in your family who cannot afford it either. Offer to do a “service gift” exchange or have a meal together. Be honest. Tell them, “This is the year for a note card, not a gift
card.” Be creative, but don’t let your sin nature or the evil one convince you that you need to keep up with other’s gift giving ability.

Then, on the 24th when fewer presents are opened, remember that He is our very great reward.

Worship Well.