Fix Me!

Reverend Carter and I have the joy of meeting with people who are hurting. We see a lot of pain and brokenness, and we see the God of the universe do mighty things through it. It is not always easy. Sometimes, when people come to see us they say, in so many words, “Fix my spouse!” or “Fix my life!” Well, you know what happens. We can’t fix them. We are not Mr. Fix It, so expectations have to be re-set.

We are in the fix it business though.

What do we do? We say, in so many words, “Fix your eyes!” We encourage people to fix their eyes on Jesus. Now that sounds too simplistic doesn’t it? It sounds very churchy. It almost sounds goofy: “You mean fixing my eyes on Jesus is the answer?”

Yes, we do mean that.  We mean it in a very large part, and it is a lot easier to say than do. Our eyes want to gaze everywhere but to Jesus. We want to look to our partner’s sin; we want to stare at our own problems, and we want to cast a dark glance at the world, politicians and businessmen. We want to look everywhere but to Him. We are called to fix our eyes on Him because He is the author and perfecter of our faith. That is what we need: faith that is being made more perfect through which we can live.

Behavior modification, communication techniques, tinkering with schedules, toying with counseling and attempting to white knuckle it will get you nowhere but hurt when it comes to fixing life’s problems. Only the Holy Spirit can do the real work of change in a person’s heart, and He shines a spotlight on Jesus. So Jesus is the God Man on whom we should fix our gaze.

Can we encourage you to ask yourself a question? Are you trying to fix it? If you are, we implore you to look to the One who can do immeasurably more than you can ask. By the way, we are His helpers, and you are welcome to contact us. We are learning to fix our eyes too.

Worship Well.