On slow days like today my senses are always more alive, and I pay close attention to the sights and sounds surrounding me. It's amazing that Someone created every particle of it all and thought it all up, but it's highly believable considering how it works so well together. From a tiny neutron to the currents in the ocean moved by a far away moon, God planned and molded our Earth so beautifully. And we have the ability, if not the time, to admire His creation for its Creator. However, we do not have the capability to understand Him. Unlike the way we can study a molecule, break down its parts and explain their functions, we were not meant to understand God. It's like in Biblical times when the prophets had to look away from God, since seeing Him directly would kill them instantly. Our minds cannot comprehend His greatness, nor were they meant to. Our human minds, with all of our achievements and technology, will never comprehend Him. Like Laura's song, "Indescribable," God is "all powerful, unchangeable" but yet He "sees the depths of my heart and He loves me the same."


Posted by Erinn Waldo