Cool or Hot?

The weather in Atlanta is a bit odd. Cool for May. I was ready for the HOT and the COOL came back. Next week it will be here. It can't hold off for ever. 

We have a desire for change don't we? When it is COLD we look for HOT. When it is DRY we look for WET. Too much of anything bores us and stirs up a desire for "different."

For students they are ready for OUT. About August, most of them will be looking for IN.  Some of us want retirement SOON, when we get there, we will perhaps wish it happened LATER. 

I wonder if I could encourage us all to rest in the NOW. Today. It is here. You can taste it and touch it. It can be felt with all of its joy and pain. It may be warm or cool. You may be in or out. Soon may end up being later. But for today you have IAM. That is a good place to be and a great God to be with as you seize the day.