Grace v Law


Imagine the scene. The judge sits high on the bench in his flowing black robes as the two parties enter in. 


“What is the charge?” he asks.


Grace: The Law continues to hang around and I understand that I was to come and do away with him!


Law: Your Honor, You have said that I am “delightful”, how can I be banished?


Grace: Your grace is sufficient, for all Lord. You said that.


Law:  But the law of the Lord is perfect! You wrote that Your Honor!


Judge: Stop! Stop! I think we have a failure to communicate here. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law, and the whole law is summed up in the command to love one another. A commandment, by the way, is kind of like a law.


Law: Told you so!


Grace: But…..


Judge: But, the law cannot be kept, and punishment must be given for those who break it. I gave that punishment to Jesus, so that grace might abound to sinners; even you two.


Grace: So grace is triumphant!


Judge: No, IAM. The law is from ME it is good, it just can’t save anyone. The punishment for breaking it is from ME. The payment is by ME.  Grace is from ME and those who begin to delight in the law, after they are saved by grace, have been given that impulse by ME. When the break the law, the run to ME and I give them grace. 






Judge: I hoped you would say that. Now get out of here, have some fun and try to keep the rules. They really are good and helpful.