Easter Shopping


Fewer people are shopping these days. The economy is really in a rut. Even when sale prices are posted, I get the sense that people are holding on to what they have. It is hard to argue with that. It is good sometimes to hold on to what you have.


On many levels it makes sense. Who knows how bad things will get? When I was growing up, we did not have a lot of new clothes or toys. Sometimes we would get a few new things for the first day of school, but by and large we handed down hand-me-downs. No, this is not a “When I was young we had to walk to school both ways, up hill in the snow!” letter. We didn’t. We were safe and we had a home and clothes and we rode the bus. We did not have a lot, but we had enough. 


Around Easter each year we would get new clothes. We would dress our best as we came to Easter service. Many people would, and as a result, as children we knew it was different than other Sundays.  It was the Sunday He rose. 


We would wear those clothes going forward on the Sundays after Easter until the next Easter came and we would get new Sunday clothes again. 


So, am I advocating spending some money on a new dress? Why not? If you can afford something new, maybe Easter Sunday is the day to wear it. If not, maybe you can shine up what you do have. Why? Why ‘dress up’ a bit for Easter? Well He did. He put on the new glorified body and stepped out for His friends to see. 


He also came with a new robe for us; the robe of His righteousness. He gave it to us to wear forever.


Easter is just a week away. Can I encourage you to prepare well to rejoice? Remember the robe you wear and don’t be afraid, if you can afford it, to celebrate. Blessings!


PS: Maybe there is someone you know who needs new clothes, literally. Help them if you can. Maybe there is someone who needs the robe that He has to offer. Invite them to come next week. It will be glorious!