When I say that word what do you think of? Some of you boomers might think of the radicals of the 1960’s who protested the war, burned bras and smoked dope. Some of you might think of Che Guevara; Fidel Castro or maybe even Barack Obama. 

What about you? Are you radical? The image is of one who is "way out there" living on the edge. Are you a radical?

The word radical, comes from the Latin radix: root. It means some one who is rooted. Are you a radical? Yes! All of us are radical in one way or another. What are you rooted in? Those of us who have been around for a while would like to say we are rooted in Christ. He is the vine; we the branches. 

Some times, sadly we get rooted in other things. It is then that we need to ask Him, hard as it is to pull up those roots and "re-root" us in Him.

Perhaps today s a good day to think about where your rootedness is and once again become a radical for Jesus; because of Jesus. He is the radical.