That Day

What deep within, his mind He thought
Would plans remain?
Could love sustain?
The cost for all the love He bought

Within His heart what word was sought

When mankind fell
The scheme of hell
We knew not wickedness we fought

O pain beyond (tho’ not for naught)

Within the lair
To take the dare
To gain what He had costly sought

Eternal dream, a famous King
We raise His sword, the battle won
And all will fall, upon Him call
When He returns, on that great day
That great day
That great day

From now till then, in grateful song

The road we tread
His plan ahead
As we pray that it won’t be long

Pre Chorus
When comes again our mighty prince

His victory done, his dream convinced
That we the bought
In his arms caught
Will celebrate the future King
Celebrate the King
Celebrate the King