MLK Civil Rights Right to Life

These are days of remembrance and celebration. Today and tomorrow. As I reflect on the civil rights movement of the sixties, which may in some large sense have set the stage for tomorrow, I am grateful that we as a country were moved. Men and women labored and we moved. 

I was thinking yesterday about Martin Luther King. A Godly man, faults and all. A thinker. A freedom fighter. A man who said things along the lines of "one group of people can not have freedom at the expense of the disenfranchised minority. "

If he were alive today he would celebrate. 

I was thinking yesterday that he would grieve and march too. There is one group who still have their civil rights violated. Perhaps yesterday, he would have marched for freedom for them. They are a disenfranchised minority who have no voice. 

He was a thinker. I believe he would have recognized babies in the womb as the next step in equality. 

My guess is they want freedom to live. They just can't speak for themselves. I think He would have spoken eloquently for them. 

Who will do that in his absence?