Today is just like any other day. It just so happens that someone a long time ago said this would be the beginning of a new year. But it is much like yesterday and a lot like tomorrow. So happy day. Let me say that more emphatically, "Happy New Day!" 

Each day is a day the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it. At the same time there are seasons. This is a good time of year to take stock (not the Wall Street kind) but an inventory of where you have been and what happened when you were there. What would you like the next segment of time to look like? Next month, quarter or year? Should you take a glance at the next five years? 

Some of us love that planning stuff and for others it makes us sick. There is enough to do today without worrying about tomorrow.

Can I encourage you to take a peek behind and ahead? The Lord would have us consider, plan and make the best of the days ahead. After all, they do belong to Him, so He would not want them squandered. 

For me, I will take a look at my life plan and think about 2009 over the next days. I would love to see God to a great work in me this year and I would love to be used of Him. 

I have this sense though that he requires me, maybe even calls me to diligence. To work and labor as I wait and trust. Sounds paradoxical I know, but worth considering. Happy New Day!