No Nativity

Well  a recent survey in Britain says that 70% of Brits doubt the story of Christ's birth. They simply doubt that it happened as recorded by Matthew or Luke. 70% is a significant majority. No nativity. Wow. 

I am thinking tonight that we are a shrinking minority. That may be good for us as a movement. I remember living in Saudi Arabia years ago and quickly discovering who the nominal Christians were. They were those who would not worship with others in a home church.  I think it was because they were afraid of losing their jobs. Those who came were followers who cared for the King in some strong sense. The visible church matching up with the invisible perhaps.

I am glad that people in Britain say what they believe. At least it gives the church there a real picture. That is good and real. 

Tonight I am also remembering that there was a nativity. Jesus is real. He will use the faithful to lovingly restore his kingdom.