Christmas Letters

I finally had a chance to read Christmas cards and letters we got from friends far and near. They can't have gotten that old. Must be Photoshop.

You can guess what the themes were; kids did this or that in school, people visited other people or travelled, some moved because they got a new job, many helped aging parents, some kids even got married!

As I read through them I thought there is not much difference between one and the other. That is not to say that they were not worth reading. They were distinctive! There is a lot of difference in lifestyle and happenings between those in Hong Kong, Edinburgh and Los Angeles.

But the underlying theme is the same and I think that is good. Here is what I mean.

1. Letters talk about people; loved ones
2. Earning money seems to get a mention when it has to; ie when it causes life change.
3. Legacy is important; parents that go before us and kids that come after us.
4. Learning is a high value as are experiences, be they hard or sweet.
5. Few people talk about things.

I think all of that speaks to what is really valuable to people. I almost wonder if we shaped our 2009 in light of what our letters said for Christmas 2008 if we would do less of the other stuff. 

Maybe a new bumper sticker "If it would not make the Christmas letter, it is not worth doing!"