Worship as work

We are blessed to have a great priesthood of believers at our church. Men and women who come and work and pray and serve and learn and give of them selves. People who make coffee and change the slides so we can see the words to the songs. People who hand out bulletins and greet people as they walk in. People who love children. I could go on and on.

I am thinking this morning that when they come to "the building" as "the church" how they are really worshipping Him from foot on property to foot off. Work is worship. Work also creates community. I see pockets of it formed around the building. A gathering of people in the gym setting up and preparing; men and women chatting as they hand out bulletins. Parking lot attendants. And then there are those singers and musicians. 

All of it is a glimpse of the blessed triune God. Community. Oh that we would invite others to come and see it and get a sense of His love. Not to say we are not messy, but at least we work together for the joy of the King one day a week. Blessings