More on gift giving

I would really love some feedback on this idea. I am thinking about what we should give Jesus for his birthday. Now before we chalk that statement off as a "kids thing" (ie) lets bake him a cake and sing "Happy birthday," I wonder if you would consider with me. 

1) The holiday commerce process surrounds giving to one another. 

2) We eat a lot of food together.

3) We spend time with people we like for the most part. 

4) We sing songs, go to church and worship Him there. 

So what about gifts for Christ? I wonder if we can think about it this year and consider what He wants from us. A gift. As we approach December 24th, would we think about what to give Him in celebration? 

Time spent? An act of service? Adoration. Real talk time? Listening? Use of the talent He has given us to build? Something specific. 

Maybe we would write that down, put it in a gift note and read it on Christmas morning before the other presents are opened for the people whose birthday it is not.

Just thinking. Blessings!