On "Together"

I wonder if you would rather work alone. Sometimes it is easier isn't it? When you work alone, the one you work with (you) does what you tell him to do. He doesn't complain too much and you can always ask for a little more. 

When you work with others, even as a leader, you have to consider their thoughts and insights. You have to motivate a bit and you have to correct without being too harsh. Much more complicated. 

The church is made of of people and Jesus is our head. He has called into being an organism that has many parts. Shepherds and sheep. No one works alone. We all work together. The trinity is the perfect example. Each has a role. The Father creating, the Son redeeming and the Spirit applying the work of redemption among many other things. 

Our tendency, under stress, is to go it alone. Look at Adam in the garden. Moses on his worst day. David. Peter. All of them (and us) have a desire to isolate and "do our thing."  That can be antithetical to the gospel. Solitude for a time can be good but we are in a community and He invites us to be part of His communion. In reality, you are never alone. He wants us to participate, not isolate.

So can I encourage you today to join in, remember you are "part of" and ask yourself if you are "going it alone?"  If you are, he may be reminding you to join in. 

Jesus set it up this way. To love one another, to serve one another, to encourage one another and to be loved, served and encouraged. The communion of saints.