Those of us who are of the Presbyterian persuasion will say there was one; an election. It was not just a good one, but a great one. The people who were elected did not campaign. They did not make promises, they did not have bumper stickers or TV ads. These people were not capable of any of that or any other thing. 

They were dead in their sin and trespasses. He chose them. He came for them. He died and rose for them. All before they ever uttered a word. He appointed them to eternal life, not because of what they had done, but because of what He would do. 

So we are glad there was an elector. Nothing wrong with the electoral college and democracy and voting, but in this instance, this special grace of an instance, I am glad He did all the work and He elected. 

By the way, He is not running for office. He holds them eternally. Prophet, Priest and King. Good thing too, in my sin I probably would not have voted for Him.

So, as we move forward can I encourage us all to look up and be thankful, look back and see the grace that has flowed, and look forward to see what He will do next? Blessings!