You will understand later

In the 13th chapter of John, Jesus says, "You don't understand now, but you will later." The "later" comes after He has washed their feet. 

As I reflect on the passage I think that I am often a bit irritated that I do not understand, or I think God is not understanding me. Things take too long to happen. I find myself waiting and wondering why He is not doing something. Why I can not understand. He is doing something. He is washing feet. He is preparing me to be able to hear and understand. 

The message is, "Become more like me." Whatever the question or concern was, the message is, become more like Christ.

Now take that and apply it to your situation. Do other people not understand you? Maybe washing feet will help. Do you not understand others? Maybe Jesus is washing your heart so that it softens and you can then understand. 

Sometimes, "later" is a long way down the road. Can I encourage you to pray today that you will understand sooner rather than later and that in the mean time you will know, while you wait, He is washing.  Blessings