Where is it?

I went to the store last night. My wife was sick and she asked me to go to get Saltine crackers, apple sauce, juice and some rice. I rarely go to the store. Anyway, I got there with my list and wandered around aimlessly looking at the signs above the aisles. Saltine was not listed, nor was cherry-grape juice. 

Then I saw him, a young man with a Kroger name badge. Having a Master's Degree, I deduced he worked there. I asked him. (I know it is an unmanly thing to do). "Can you tell me where the Saltines, grape cherry juice and rice are?" " Saltines are on aisle 4 to the right on the bottom, mid way; Grape - Cherry is on 2 all the way down on the left and rice....what kind?" "Uncle Ben's quick cook in the yellow bag" " Aisle 5 second to top shelf, mid way on left"

Amazing. What was more amazing was I remembered 2, 4 and 5 and off I went. I had a problem and he had the exact answer. No generalities. He knew his store well. He knew his products well. 

It made me think about how we interact with those who are looking for more than rice. Do we know the answer and how specific can we be?  

"I am looking for hope"

"I am struggling with depression"

"I wonder if I lost my salvation" 

Where would we point people? To Christ. To the Word. Can we be specific? Aisle 3 on the bottom row. "In the tenth chapter of John Jesus says no one can snatch you from His Father's hand." "If you are looking for hope in anyone else or anything other than Christ, I can see why you are still looking." That type of specific. How well do we know that of which we speak?

By the way, I was tempted at the store to get some junk food. It was not on the list, and I did not have to ask anyone what aisle it was on. That may be topic for another post. 

Worship Well