Well, I have talked to a lot of people and it is rough out there. Markets are melting down. Is it 40% total now? Wow. That hurts. We may all have to work longer and spend less. Some of us will lose jobs, home and cars. That will be very hard and sad and painful. 

Or maybe the market will bounce back and the recession be light. No one knows the future except God. No one. No one. No one.  

In the mean time I wonder if we Christians can lead. Not just theologically with statements like, "God is in control" but with actions like giving a little bit more. It may also be a good time for self examination. What have we been doing and spending our money on? No indictment intended there for anyone but me. 

We are called to be different and I think we have a distinct opportunity to be that now.  If we sell our stock, should we give some of the proceeds to the poor, or should we hang on to the cash? If we struggle to lend to others because we do not know if they can pay back, how will we help? Delicate questions. Hard questions.

Then there is the long run: The Eagles said this:

Did you do it for love? 
Did you do it for money? 
Did you do it for spite? 
Did you think you had to, honey? 
Who is gonna make it? 
We'll find out in the long run 
(in the long run) 
I know we can take it 
if our love is a strong one 
(is a strong one) 
Well, we're scared, but we ain't shakin' 
Kinda bent, but we ain't breakin' 
in the long run 

I think scripture says in the long run we die and meet our maker. The one who came and gave Himself for us and then told us to have mercy on others, to be His disciples and to love radically. Even to give out of our poverty. We may have a chance to do that and it will be good. I know we can make it, our love is a strong one. Christian, be encouraged and of good cheer!