Our family is walking through the gospel of John for morning devotions. As I have said before, it is not what you would think. No long prayer times, lively discussion and intense moments of re-dedication. I read. They listen. We say a few words. One or two of us pray. 5-10 minutes max. 

Now that I have set the expectation, I can tell you that this morning we were in John 11. Familiar story to those who grew up in a Christian home. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. We knew that and we knew the support details of Mary, Martha and the onlookers. So I read it and we prayed. 

Later this morning it came back to my mind. He raised someone from the dead. That is huge. No one else does that. He raised someone from the dead! I found myself marveling at that. Wow. No let me write it better, "That is amazing that Jesus would raise a guy from the dead! Incredible! Stupendous! Beyond words! I need to get closer to Him. He is 'other', He is bigger than life...." 

So, I am reminded today that the word is living and active. If you have read the story before, read it again. It may not hit you the moment you read, but it will hit you. It is powerful. Worship Well.