Text Messaging

I wonder how many of you have joined the revolution. No need to go to someone's house to talk, or to write a letter, or to send an email, or even to leave a voicemail. You can text by phone. It is easy and you can abbreviate like this: "C U L8R at church."

Marshall McLuhan was so right and he gets more right by the day. Every invention is an extension of the human body and when over extended, there is a cost. Our youngest daughter texts more than she talks. She usually texts me when she gets to school. She did not today (imagine a teenager forgetting). Instead of calling her, I texted her. I longed for a text and I was concerned I had not received one. Just something short like, "At school, luv u!" Just a bit of data.

The Lord God Almighty (I am sure that could be abbreviated for a text) is looking for a bit of a response from us today. "I luv u!" "I wrshp u!" Something. Anything. Just a thought. Blessings!