On Talking

I am thinking a newer thought on communication and communion. For me it is new anyway. John Calvin or Augustine probably worked through it and I have not read that part of their work yet.

When we go to heaven, we will be in the presence of God. That is not the newer thought. I am thinking He will not say a whole lot.  That is the newer thought. 

After He has explained our suffering, answered questions and talked about the reality of the cross; what else would He have to say? I am sure there are truths we will need to learn and that will take a long time. But we are talking about eternity. 

We will be in His presence. Words do not go where we will go. 

Now contrast that with how we live as Christians and humans. Words overflow (I know, including these I am typing). Words, words and words. Facebook, email, texting, talking etc etc. TV, talk radio, debates and billboards abound. Silence is not golden for us. In fact we avoid it.

The further I move down the road, the more I am thinking I can say less. A deeper thought is that it is not what I say that counts in any case. When I am present with another person; the spirit is present and He is doing something beyond words. It is mystical communion that is taking place and He is doing a deep work. My "wisdom" is tangential. He is wisdom. Words often get in the way. He calls us to be present with others. 

So, even though I am a man of words, I am learning to be in the presence of others and trust that the Spirit is doing the real work.  Glory to Him.