Blanket Redux

John had a good question yesterday, "Should we bring a blanket this week to church?" Yes. Or a sweater. Or a sleeping bag. When you walk in the auditorium, you can just go down and put it on the stage. There will be other blankets etc there.

No pressure. If you can, do. If you are at some other church this weekend (you live out of town) maybe you could take a blanket or sweater there and just ask them to give it to someone who has a need. Simple. Again no pressure. God just put it on our heart to do. Hopefully we will all help some homeless people.

As I said yesterday, I think, we are not solving the problem of homelessness. We are just doing something. Maybe you or others will do more. That would be great. As we all enter in to the weekend, can I encourage us to look to the One who did it all? He covers us with His righteousness. We can be grateful for the warmth of the gospel. Blessings!