You had me at "Hello"

Most of you will recognize the title as a line from the film, "Jerry Maguire" which is a great movie about how a heart can change from cold and callous to warm and sentimental. Tom Cruise delivers a passionate speech to get Rene Zellweiger back. Worth watching. All he needed were the first words.

I thought about the movie today as I reflected on first words. They really are important whether you are in a job interview, speaking to your staff, giving a speech or coming home from work. They set the tone and texture of a conversation.

So, what are your first words (also read that as "thoughts") in the morning? Who are you talking to and what are you saying? I often find myself talking to me. Not a bad choice of people to speak to, but I may need to think about what I am saying. Perhaps it could be a bit more positive and God directed.

How about first words you speak to God in the morning? Do you "have Him" at hello? Is He interested in what you have to say? If it is God exalting, maybe so. If it is whining, complaining and asking, maybe not.

First words. Worth thinking about. Worship Well.