Dunwoody Parade!

I have really been lax in posting. It has been a hard week. People sick in hospital, people struggling with depression and ministry in general have taken above the normal time. But today I took a day off and went to the Dunwoody 4th of July parade. I think it is the largest in Atlanta. Randy Renbarger's is a close second!

We had a wonderful time, and it once again gave me a sense of community. Alot of people live in Dunwoody and they turn out each year, so we see friends and neighbors and have a great time watching the parade go by. Anyone can march from kids on bikes to those running for state office. Real Estate agents, business owners and the Boy Scouts too. Local churches and synagogues take part. Everyone is welcome as long as their theme is in keeping with the day.

I thought Calvary Church had the best float. It was simply the tomb to the unknown soldier.People stood as it went by. A great reminder that freedom has a price. This afternoon we will do the American thing. Pool, barbecue, family and friends. Blessings!