World of Coca Cola

If you have never been, I recommend it. Even if you have gone to the old one. For non-Atlantans, Coca Cola was invented near here and Atlanta is the world headquarters. They have established a museum of sorts that lays out the history of Coca Cola and includes a tasting room where you can drink all you want.

The tour also includes a movie, memorabilia and a 4D experience. As I walked through I was impressed:

1. The staff was wonderfully courteous and knew where everything was.

2. The people who narrated movies and gave overviews were passionate about their product. Really passionate.

3. They have this network of bottlers that were given rights for a dollar to distribute the product. They too are passionate.

4. I got this sense that Coca Cola is not a soda, it is a way of life, a drink that brings joy and even bliss. It is a key part of everything good that happens. It is always at the happy times in life and in fact ushers them in. It is not a soft drink.

5. People who work for Coca Cola have a vision and a mission and they market the dickens out of their product. There is no Pepsi in their veins, minds or rear view mirrors. They are full steam a head and are selling a billion drinks a day. Coke is their life.

So, how about the church? Different story I am afraid. O that we would be as passionate about Christ and pressing Him into every corner of the world. O that our churches would be as friendly and filled with people who cared to be hospitable to those who enter in. O that we would know we have the water of life that needs distribution to the thirsty.