The Wedding

Well, I have not blogged much because we have been preparing for the wedding. Our oldest daughter, Katherine married Adam on Friday night. We have had relatives in (still) and friends from years gone by. A great celebration!

I was blessed to officiate and as I meditated on it, the Lord gave me a real new sense of the text from Ephesians 5. The mystery of marriage is the mystery of Christ and the church. Being a parent of the bride, I was able to "feel" how a parent would send the bridegroom to choose the bride. Something opens in her heart to say, "yes" and the engagement begins. From that moment forward to the day of consummation there is much preparation. Much.

Finally the day comes when the groom and bride are joined eternally and there is much feasting. That is the story of the gospel. He came (the groom), He chose the bride (the church) and we are preparing for the celebration and consummation.

So, I know what to do. Invite guests to come. Make ready the household of faith. Have showers in preparation. Look forward with anticipation. The wedding supper will come.

I hope you can reflect better now on any wedding you have ever been to or will go to as a picture of the groom and his bride. Blessings!