Weak faith

Paul in his letter to the Romans, speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, says, "Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters." Weak faith. Hmm. If we could put a meter reader up to your faith, or mine, what would it read on a 100 point scale?

Sometimes I find my faith to be weak and I sin. Did that go without saying? I am prideful, anxious, protective, immobilised and jealous to name a few. Why? Because I do not believe functionally that Jesus is for me and so I have to be for myself. I have to, with great energy, hang on to my rights, because I do not think He has preserved them.

I find the same is true with other people. What makes my situation worse is that I expect them to act better, to give me grace. Bad assumption. Grace comes from one source: God. Other Christians are weak in faith. I do not mean that as a put down but as a release. They too are overwhelmed by sin from time to time and so they act like they act. They are sinners. Me too.

Having said that, I can relax a bit, and not expect so much from them. I can learn to live with their sin. I did not say I should never confront it, but I should know that there is more where that came from; and we will never be free of it. I should also be "logging" in my own eye, as I gently suggest that maybe they have a small splinter. The text does not say "correct one another" as much as it says "love one another."

Worship Well