Experienced Dentist

I went to my dentist yesterday. I needed to get a crown. For some reason the Marathon Man scene always plays in my head as I approach his office. "Is it safe?" Olivier asks Hoffman as he drills his teeth with no anesthesia. I digress.

I have a great dentist. Dr Broome on Holcomb Bridge road. He is not Laurence Olivier. In fact as he was drilling my tooth yesterday (after deadening the dickens out of my mouth), I thought, "I am glad he is doing this, he has experience. Decades of experience." He may have been doing this for almost thirty years. That is the kind of dentist I want to drill on me.

I am sure newly minted dentists are good, but, I just want someone with some experience. I know, you might say, "How can younger ones get experience?" Good question, he had an assistant working with him. Eventually, the "master" dentist may let the apprentice do part of something, then another part and then another. Over time she may do a crown, when he says she is ready. No apprentice dentist is greater than his or her dental master.

So today I am thinking two things :

1. God has experience. Not just 30 years or 3,000 but eternal. He has always been. If I need to get drilled on, I want Him to do it.

2. Jesus is the master and He wants to guide my hand as I do a thing or two. I will never be as good at counseling, loving and serving, but if I watch Him and participate with Him, I will learn more about how the kingdom works and how it is to be restored by His hand.

Need a dentist? Dr Broome. Need a master teacher? Jesus.

Worship Well.