Indiana Jones

We went to see the new film today. Great movie. Not as good as the first because you expect alot. The first one was so "new" when I saw it 20 something years ago. In any case Harrison Ford does a great job.

I will not spoil it for you, so if you fear that, stop reading now.

One thing that caught my mind was the quest for knowledge and wealth. People are willing to go to any extreme to get them. Any. While I do not think I go to the extreme of some in the movie, it did cause me to think about energy I spend in a similar direction.

Wealth is the accumulation of goods and money. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts, figures and what connects them. How much do I need to accumulate? Enough to love in a healthy way. Enough to bless those the king wants me to bless and enough to serve where I am needed.
That could be alot or a little, but the key is healthy and wise living. Living for the kingdom ahead and not thinking too much about accumulation.

Back to the movie. Have you ever noticed the cave always implodes at the end of the movie? The treasure is in the cave and the cave implodes. A good word picture for us I think. The treasure of the earth will go back to the earth. Worship Well