A different life

Today I am pondering what life would be like if it was different. I am not talking about me being an Indy 500 champion, but of things that could be different in my life. Some of the things could be small such as, I could brush my teeth more often or lose 3lbs. Some could be bigger such as carpool to work or walk to the store. A few could be really big such as go to the Festival of St Fermin and run with the bulls or become an expert of John Owen.

What would your life be like if it was different? What are the things about it that you do not like, and what are things that you want to do, be or have? I find in general terms I want to be more Christlike by being more relaxed and less frenetic. That means I have to eliminate some of the things I do. I find I want to do things that have eternal purpose and so that means I have to do less things that are temporal. I find I need to re-charge my battery so I need to know how to best do that. I find I want to accomplish something signficant for the King, so I need to lay down lesser pursuits.

What would your life look like if it was different? Perhaps this will help. Make a list of the things you want to do, have and become. Take a look at your life and see what you are doing, working to have and becoming. Slowly begin to peel away the doing, having and becoming that is not really you and move towards what is. Keep all of that exercise within the mind of Christ and I think you will find yourself with a life plan that glorifies Him and that is enjoyable to you. Worship Well.