Many know I drive an old car. 1992 Volvo with 213,000 miles. For a while now the driver's window has been a bit dodgy. You can press the button and it will go down. Up is another story. If you tap, tap, tap on the button enough, over time, it will inch up.

That was then. This week Monday, it went down and would not come back up. So I drove to my local repair shop. "Hello, Mr Schlichting," Eduardo said. (Yes, they know me by name and I know them by name) I explained the situation and he said he could order the part but he could also get the window up. How so? By taking out my dead switch and hooking up a spare one that he had in the shop. He did it, pressed the button and up it went. No charge.

I thought, "It is that simple". Know you have a problem, go to the one who can fix it and, if He knows you by name, He will do what needs to be done, now free of charge. And He will prepare for what needs to be done later. All of us have something in our life that just won't "go up". Some issue or place where we are stuck. The switch is dead. He has what we need, but we need to drive to the shop and make the ask. Be encouraged, He can diagnose and give you just what you need. Worship Well.