As I was in a prayer time yesterday I thought this, "Jesus is the only one who truly loves me; the one who does not truly love." You may have to read that a few times. If you turn it into a bumper sticker and make millions, please remember me. Let me unpack it.

1. No one truly loves me. Not in a perfect, selfless way. Maybe for a moment someone might, but just for a moment. Jesus truly loves me perfectly.

2. I do not really love anyone truly. I have selfish, sinful self promoting desires. My sin nature always has me on guard a bit. I can't truly give myself fully away.

3. I try to get loved by those who can not truly love me instead of looking to the one who does. So I get disapointed. He truly loves me.

So, I want to memorize that today as it will bring repentance and faith, both of which I need...

Worship Well