Three Boys

I hung out today with a guy in his twenties and one who is twelve or so. Just hung out. The three of us took an ice cream break and played some video games. Nothing very spiritual about that, but it was fun.

I wonder if the kingdom shouldn't be a bit more like that. Three boys, or three girls, hanging out not doing anything "significant." It reminds me of summer vacation as a kid. Yes, I know we need to accomplish much, get the "to do" list done, achieve, save for the future and work hard. But I wonder if just grabbing a couple of buddies, and doing much of nothing should be part of the "plan."

Seems like Jesus did that a bit, and even today, He does not seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere or get anything done. The Kingdom will come and His will be done.

So, I wonder if I might encourage you to find a couple same sex buddies and head for the ice cream store this week. The weather is nice. Worship Well.