My guitar

I used a word picture this weekend that caused quite a bit of conversation. I have the guitar that comes with the video game "Guitar Hero" and I compared practicing on it to practicing with someone like Derek Ferwerda who is an amazing guitarist and teacher. The point I was making was that I could practice all day long on a cheap toy guitar and never become "Derek-Like".

If we want to become like the real thing, we have to put down cheap imitations and draw close to what is real. Scripture says, "Draw close to God and he will draw close to you." He is reality and outside of Him there is none. That is what my soul yearns for; true reality.

So, how do we "lay it down?" Perhaps we can not by ourselves. I could walk around with a cheap guitar and think I was making progress. I need to get around caring experts who are sensitive and loving enough to tell me that I need to lay it down. And I need to be able to trust them.

The reality is I can not see my blind spots, that is why they call them blind spots. I need someone in my life who will point them out. Then, even if I do not see them, I need to be trusting enough to go with the program. There is where I need the power of the Spirit. To step out by faith. That is a good prayer.