Miley and New Music

I spent a bit of time today with two young musicians who lead worship at Perimeter. They are interested in making a CD. They write good music so we will see what happens. They want to make a career of it.

I also read to day about Miley Cyrus. I think she is worth a billion dollars. Can that be right? She got in a bit of a spotlight for photos taken by Annie Leibowitz this week. The music industry. Hollywood. I think it is a tough business and it is so easy to be "played" or to be mis-understood. Things come at you so fast.

It seems like life sometimes does that. Comes at you fast and your light sabre is not quick enough to fend off the attack. So you get hurt. What to do before and after? After is easy. Work through the anger and cry and be comforted. Perhaps write that move down in your notebook so you are better able to defend next time. What about the before? Well, reading not just your notebook but The Book will be helpful. This is a tough world and unless you hole up somewhere, you should expect a battle. Putting on some faith and truth and the rest of the armor daily will not stop flesh wounds, but it may stop some that could put you in spiritual ICU.

So today I am thinking and wanting to not be cautious, but not go out naked. Worship Well.