Dancing Women

I don't know if that title will draw men to this blog who are looking for the wrong thing. If you are one of those, please stay for a minute. I am going to talk about dancing women. Next week the Academy of Arts will host its annual recital. Hundreds of young ladies will "perform" and songs will include Hosanna and the theme from Braveheart.

I got a preview last night as they began to rehearse and I can tell you it is majestic. The performance is for Him. God created the human body to move gracefully in time with His music and these young ladies demonstrate the grace that is in us all.

I want to encourage you to come next week if you are in Atlanta. 7p Tuesday and Wednesday at the church more info at www.perimeter.org and you will see grace in motion.

This Sunday we will start our service with barre. Women warming up to Laura Story music. Just basking in the glory of His greatness. It will be a great way to call us all to worship and remind us that all of life is worship. When we iron clothes, study for a history exam, run errands and eat, we are worshipping Him because everything in us was designed to worship the Creator.

Tonight I am encouraged that He is our King and we will gladly dance before Him.