Thanks for the devil

I was praying today and thinking that God has left the devil around. He torments, prowls and makes life hard for people. It dawned on me that I should thank God for the devil. Why? Because he causes me to run to Him. Somehow, God thought it best to not bind him eternally at the time of the resurrection. Somehow, God's plan is better with the devil in place for now. So glory to God.

Now, I do not want more of the devil, just as I do not want more of the world or the flesh, but I am sure I will have all three as long as I live and God uses them to move me to repentance and faith. One day the world as we know it will end, my flesh will be done away with and the devil cast to the lake of fire. For now, I can praise Him for His perfect plan as I plead with Him to: keep the schemes of the evil one from doing harm, crucify my flesh and keep my eyes off of the world.