Rainy Day in Georgia

Well we are getting rain in Georgia. No one is complaining. We all know we need it. That has been made very evident over the past year as we have been in drought.

Sometimes it just has to be taken away doesn't it before you can appreciate your need for it. Your need of it. The Lord can hold back His presence from His people and that can be the best thing to happen. In the true believer, a thirst develops. An emptiness is noted that can not be satiated by anything. Noise can not replace silence and all of a sudden you know that you are restless and he has rest.

What then? You can't make Him come. So you sit, and mumble a prayer and sit some more. If you are there right now, I want to encourage you to sit and stand and walk. Sit in your lament. Stand in honor of His wisdom and walk to a friend who cares. He or she will sit with you and stand with you and even walk more as you both wait for the living God to make His presence known. And when He does, it will be rich and emotional and beautiful. Don't quit. The rain is coming.