I taught a class this evening on some finer points of theology. The topic of Limited Atonement came up. "Did Jesus die for everyone?" "How can people be in Hell then?" "If He knows who the elect are, does it matter what we do?" Good questions.

I can't go in to all the details in a short blog but, I can say that we are called to assume Jesus died for people we know until further notice. It makes sense doesn't it? You can either assume Jesus paid the price for your friend's sin and the Holy Spirit will apply that work to his heart OR you can think not. In the first case you can speak to your friend and ask the Holy Spirit to do something. That makes good sense to me. Assume Jesus did the work until further notice.

When will we get further notice? In Heaven. Until then, pray for the best. Even pray for those who persecute you or those who are your enemies. Assume Jesus died for them and ask the Spirit to bless them by His indwelling presence. Counter-intuitive. Just like Jesus.