Packers, Giants and Jesus

Snow. Cold. Lambeau. Farve. The Pack.

It really can not be put into words. The pictures say it all. They could have built a stadium that has a roof on it, but nah, that would not be Packer football. You have to see your breath for it to be Packer football.

I am guessing you have a love for someone or some group that just has your heart. For Shust it is the Steelers. For my friend Rick it is Manchester United. For David it is the Irish rugby team, no matter how bad them are. (Sorry David)

Why? Why do we love those who do not perform well. (Yes, the Packers have had bad years). Because we are connected to who they are, not what they do.

Shust will still love the Steelers, even though they bombed out in the first round, Man U will still be watched by Rick if they do not win the Premier Division and David will always raise a Guiness to the Irish. They are connected to who they are.

Let me say this: Jesus does not care if you win or lose or have a stadium with a roof. He is connected to you and loves you for who you are: His. He will continue to watch you and encourage you and even more.

Now, it may get a little cold, even snowy, but just know that he will see your every breath and stay with you. Even if the Giants come calling.